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Screen Pusher Leg

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PHQ Screen Pusher Legs were introduced to Inco and Falconbridge mines in mid 1996.

Legs are constructed using the same components in the pusher legs for JOY Jackleg drills.

Interchangeable components in pusher legs requires less inventory if using PHQ drills.

Our Legs employ a three way valve to extend the leg, and hold screen in place at the back.

The valve feeds a continuous supply of air locking the mesh screen tightly to the back.

The miner has both hands free to install rock bolts through the screen using a Stoper drill.

PHQ carries stock of Sreen Pusher Legs and extensive stock of replacement parts.

  Certified in The Russian Federation

PHQ's high quality legs weigh less, require less maintenance, make fewer trips to surface, stay in the workplace longer, and cost less.
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