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the cartoon above is meant to illustrate straight pull weight sustained using pins and wedges. PHQ do not recommend use of pins and wedges to anchor cable lifting blocks of stone or concrete.

Pin and Wedge Combination Pull Capacity

Sullivan Part No Joy Part No Max Hole Size Min Hole Depth Max Straight Pull Competent Rock
212-SB   Eyebolt
213-SB-1 Wedge
17415073 Eyebolt
17415083 Wedge
2 1/4 inches 14 inches 26,000 Lbs
210-SB   Eyebolt
C211-SB Wedge
17415071 Eyebolt
17415081 Wedge
1 5/8 inches 10 inches 3,600 Lbs


Eye & Wedge
Eye   & Wedge
Nom. Diameter
Hole Sizes Max Straight Pull  Competent Rock Sheave Size
Max Cap Weight
1 1/4 in
32 mm
1 3/8 in
38 mm
  2,200 lbs
1000 kg
10"        254 mm
10,000 lb  4047 kg
1 1/2 in
38 mm
1 5/8 in
41 mm
10 in
254 mm
3,600 lbs
1636 kg
10"        254 mm
10,000 lb  4047 kg
2 in
51 mm
2 1/4 in
57 mm
14 in
356 mm
26,000 lbs
11818 kg
14"         356 mm
12,000 lb  5454 kg
pins and wedges are used as eyebolt anchors in solid rock walls to hold sheave blocks pulleys and return trailing cables pulled by anchored hoists slushers or tuggers.  use of pins and wedges to anchor cables to lift blocks of stone or concrete create unsafe conditions and should not be used in this application.  the straight pull maximum weights in the table do not apply in this application.

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