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The driller with the letters PHQ is the original official Logo of Parts HeadQuarters Inc since 1998.  
The image of a jackleg miner symbolizes the range of pneumatic drilling equipment manufactured and sold by PHQ in Canada.
In 2011 Parts HeadQuarters Inc began the process of changing the name of the company to PHQ Global to better represent the growth of product lines and our expansion into the widespread world marketing area now served by PHQ
WINKIE  In 2016 PHQ Global purchased the Winkie Diamond Drilling product line from MINEX in the US to return the manufacturing of the popular diamond coring drill to Canada.  
PHQ acquired the WINKIE trademark and logos in the purchase. 
HYDRA-WINKIE PHQ Global will resume manufacture of the portable HYDRA-WINKIE with a hydraulically powered Bronco Pump, Remote Controls and Power Pack.
WINKIE is the ideal exploration drill - Nicknamed The Prospector's Drill 

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and PHQ Global, the drawing of the driller, WINKIE, and HYDRA-WINKIE are all trademarks of Parts HeadQuarters Inc. and PHQ Global.  The trademarks have been in use daily.   The logos and trademarks are all registered and confirmed and completely protected from any manner of copying in countries of the world.

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