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PHQ now accepting MasterCard and Visa.

Parts HeadQuarters Inc accepts Visa or MasterCard for e-mail, telephone, fax, or mail orders.

PHQ accepts only fully authorized credit cards.  Credit card information is to be supplied at time of order and the full amount of the invoice will be processed immediately at time of shipping of products.  PHQ will require detailed information of the company including full address, telephone and fax numbers, as well as the name of bank issuing credit card, with address and phone number of contact at the company bank before processing orders.  PHQ does not accept credit card payments for payment of accounts at due dates where products have been shipped under our normal credit terms.

Combating Fraud: Due to a significant increase in credit card fraud through the internet PHQ may deny acceptance of payment using credit cards.  PHQ reserves the right to examine orders for shipments of products to offshore or overseas countries and in some instance with inquiries that originate from addresses in North America requesting payment by credit card.  PHQ reserves the right to hold the shipment of goods following receipt of credit card payment until the credit card payment for the transaction is confirmed as legitimate and cleared by all banks involved in the transaction. 

PHQ continue to readily accept wire transfer of cash paid to our Canadian bank for any purchases where we are not able to fully and conclusively confirm the credit worthiness of a credit card or where we deem the credit card suspect for any reason.

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