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PHQ Purchased the JKS Winkie Diamond Drill Product Line from MINEX USA.
Parts HeadQuarters Inc has purchased the Winkie Diamond Drill product line from MINEX in Michigan USA! 

In an agreement concluded at the end of November MINEX agreed to sell the product line to PHQ.  PHQ purchased all the existing inventory of JKS Winkie parts and components as well as all the Engineering Drawings and Manufacturing Processes that will allow PHQ to continue to manufacture the popular diamond drill complete with drill string and accessories.  

The Winkie Drill can be carried by two men in the field, and is readily transported by Helicopter to remote and rugged drill sites.  The Winkie is capable of drilling and retrieving core from holes in excess of 300 feet in depth!  The versatile drill rounds out PHQ's line of JKS Small Surface Diamond Drills and Pumps.

PHQ will carry stock of one or two drills complete with drill string and accessories ready to drill at all time.  PHQ ship within a week of order.

7832003 Reduction Gear Unit
For Auger or Casing Drilling

6.5:1 Gear Ratio

Download Tech Data Sheet

Hole Depth Core Size:
Core Barrel: A-core Thin kerf IAWS
Core Diameter 1.385" (35.1 mm)
Hole Diameter 1.89" (48mm)
Depth: 350-400 ft (105-120 m)
Hole Depth Core Size:
Core Barrel: E-core Thin kerf IAWS
Core Diameter 0.995" (25.2 mm)
Hole Diameter 1.485" (37 mm)
Depth: 450-500 ft (135-150 m)

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