PH36-IR Long Hole Drill Mounted on PHQ3000LHP Pneumatic Carrier


  Powerful tramming by two pneumatic traction motors with readuction gears

Skid steering remotely controlled with two levers at the rear of the carrier

Air over hydraulic system powers oil flow to hydraulic lift and traverse cylinders

Leveling and stability by four independently controlled hydraulic lift cylinders.

Drill traverse tilts to drilling position and holds with two hydraulic cylinders.

Drill set-up moves from side to side on traverse by powerful screw feed.

Drill set-up orates in a manual locking swing clamp assembly on traverse.

The powerful MKV Feed Assembly is mounted in the swing clamp assembly.

The drill of choice is the powerful PHQ36IR Independent Rotation Drifter Drill.

The PHQ15001H Pneumatic Centralizer aligns and/or grips the drill rods.

The PHQ21002 Remote Control Panel controls drill, feed, centralizer, flushing.

Carrier includes Remote Control Arm, Lubricator, Air Gauge, and Chuck Wrench.

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