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SOREDEM hosted thirty representatives from seventeen mining companies and mining contractors at CANMET-MMSL in Val d'Or to experience hands-on testing of the MK2 handles in the underground test lab.  Nearly all of the delegates operated the AV Jackleg putting the equipment through a rigorous demonstration of their obvious skills as drillers.  At the follow-up meeting where attendees expressed their reaction and comments from the attendees the new model MK2 was accepted.  The official report of the findings of the meeting from SOREDEM and CANMET-MMSL can be downloaded.
(English) Final Report    Rapport Final (Francais)

PHQ first production run of one hundred new MK2 handles are now in test in mines in Val d'Or.  Preliminary reviews are very favourable.

PHQ Anti-Vibration Jackleg featured on Daily Planet

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