Parts HeadQuarters Inc   
At CIM we advertised that  PHQ stock over a hundred PHQ250 Jacklegs and Stopers in Burlington in a photograph covering half our twenty foot booth.  Rob and Bruno were there to meet and greet our customers and direct them to a hands-on look at the PHQ250 Jackleg and PHQ250 Stoper in the booth.

PHQ were pleased to welcome Gavin Mills of
New Concept Mining RSA - PHQ's new supplier of the innovative products, the HYDRABOLT and FOG (Fall-of-Ground) LIGHTGavin provided technical details in response to customer inquiries
Yuri Tarasov of
CanRos (PHQ's distributor in the Russian Federation) greeted any and all Russian visitors on behalf of PHQ and provide details of our products in the Russian language.
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