Features Available:
        Foot Mounted Configuration
        Self Centering Control Valve  (standard)
        4 Way Remote Control Valve (optional extra)
Additional Equipment Available
       Air Line Oiler (Lubricator)
       4 Way Control Valve
Simple Design - Quality Construction
Five cylinder radial action and a precisely counterbalanced crankshaft assure smooth operation at all speeds, at least two pistons always on a power stroke.  The functional design simplicity of the PA55 motor is enhanced by rigid quality control in material and manufacturing. An effective well sealed lubrication system minimizes wear.
Foot Mounted Horizontal Installations
The Pistonair PA55 also comes as a direct drive foot mounted motor.  It can be placed on floor, wall or ceiling - in any attitude not exceeding 15 relative to the horizontal position of the drive shaft.
An effective oil lubrication system assures adequate lubrication of all bearings, both the inboard and outboard drive shaft ball bearings.
Cylinder Bore 5 1/2"
Cylinder Stroke 3"
Rated Speed 700 Revolutions per Minute.
Air Consumption 18 CFM/HP (Max)
Rated Horsepower 25 Horsepower
Recommended Air Pressure Minimum 80 Pounds per Square Inch.
Stall Torque

315 Foot Pounds

Weight 325 lbs.

PA55    Reconditioned Eqt    Torque and Air Consumption    Dimensions