logo1.gif (4780 bytes) Joy Air Line Lubricator - Specifications 5048912 Lubricator  

Commonly referred to as "The Football Type Lubricator" 

Capacity 11/2 Pints 700 ml
Length 8 Inches 200 mm
Diameter 41/2 Inches 115 mm
Weight Empty 8 Pounds 3.5 kg
Weight Full 12 Pounds 5.5 kg
Pressure Rated (Operating Max) 250 psi 17 kg/cm3
Safety Fill Cap Diameter 17/8 Inches 48 mm
Pressure Tested to Destruction* 1200 psi 85 kg/cm3
Pipe Thread Size at Intake or Outlet 11/4 Inches
Bushing Sizes Available 11/4 Inches to 1 Inch or 3/4  Inch 
Joy lubricators were pressure tested to destruction and required internal pressures exceeding 1200 psi before cracks began to appear in castings.  Even at extreme pressure the cracks which appear simply release internal pressure without exploding the lubricator. The safety filler cap warns when opening the Lubricator under pressure.  The Joy Lubricator has been thoroughly tested and found to be a safe pressure vessel.

Recommended for use with quality rock drill oil or triple zero (000) rock drill grease.

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