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Application Temperature - Oil Grade Table

Application Temperature Grade of Oil
All pnematic drills underground -40 C to 0 C EP20 to EP50
Jackleg Stopers underground -5 C to +20 C EP100 
Drifter Drills underground all drills surface +10 C to +30 C  EP150
All pneumatic drills surface and underground +30 C EP220

PHQ recommends grades from EP20 up to EP50 rock drill oil when ambient temperature is between -40 and 0 C 
PHQ recommends EP100 as standard rock drill oil for hand held drills in most underground temperatures and applications.
PHQ recommends EP150 rock drill oil at higher temperatures underground and for larger drifters underground.
PHQ recommends EP150 as standard rock drill oil for use in all pneumatic drills in surface drilling applications.
PHQ recommends grades from EP150 up to EP220 rock drill oil when ambient temperature exceeds 30 C 


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