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PHQ creates a new Lubrication Training Presentation

Parts HeadQuarters worked with a major mining company to produce a Lubrication Training Presentation detailing the proper use of the PHQ-JOY football style in-line lubricator.  PHQ appreciates the large contribution that the mining industry made to the completion of this presentation.  They have insured that all safety procedures were followed in the presentation,  produced excellent movies depicting actual working conditions and added a high level of professionalism to the finished presentation.     This presentation shows:
          equipment uses for the lubricator
          how the in-line lubricator works
          proper installation of the lubricator
         cleanliness - blowing the air line
         setting the proper flow of lubricant
         proper method of filling the lubricator
         how to know there is sufficient lubrication
         use of rock drill oil vs rock drill grease
         some tips to get the most from lubrication

Download a 12 minute Power Point Presentation click here

View a sample of one of the movies used in the presentation click here


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