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Oil Safe® products are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for rugged durability. 
ids sealed by petroleum resistant Nitrile O-rings provide positive closure and no leaks every time. 
rums made with built in anti-static agents and proper UV inhibitors are designed to store lubricating fluid at temperatures from -40°C to +80°C. 


  Filling a PHQ Lubricator  
 Setting a PHQ Lubricator


IFH Lube Storage Racks ®:

  • Provide ultra clean dry storage for lubricants.

  • Containers easily filled from drums of lubricants.

  • Minimize storage area at the underground shop.

  • Set up to filter oil on delivery or while dispensing.

  • Color coded labels on containers Identify oil types.

  • Spill containment prevents oil slick in working area.


Oil Safe ®  Lubricant Containers:

  • Protect rock drill lubricant from all contamination.

  • Minimize storage area at the underground shop.

  • Light-weight clean safe transport of lubricants.

  • Minimize spills of lubricant when filling.

  • Identifies oil type by color coded lids on containers

  • Bright lids minimize loss of oil bottles and waste.


use The storage lid to transport an empty drum to be filled with lubricant and to carry the lubricant back to the work place. system uses two drums.
one drum is left in the work place with a pouring lid attached for filling the lubricator.
a second drum is in transit or in the work place with the storage lid for re-filling
The pouring lid remains in the work place for filling the lubricator with rock drill oil or grease.
when the drum is empty the lid is exchanged with the storage lid on the spare filled drum.