Final results of the comparative study using
Petro-Canada Grease
Vultrex (ARDEE EP000) and oil in a pneumatic drill
  Grease (Averages) Oils (Averages)
Oil concentration on operator's filter 0.06 mg 0.80 mg
Lubricant consumption 80 ml per round 325 ml per round
Noise levels 125 dBA 125 dBA
Penetration rates 1.27 min per 4 foot steel 1.26 min per 4 foot steel

Results of Independent tests conducted at CANMET's Experimental Mine

Results noticed by PHQ Service department on field trips to customers

petrocanada_logo.gif (1303 bytes) Petro-Canada Vultrex (ARDEE EP000) Rock Drill Grease
 tested in use in a PHQ Football Type Lubricator 
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