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Wide throat filler for fast and easy filling with  rock drill grease or oil. Capacity 11/2 pints (0.71 litre)
Replaceable pipe bushings preserve the larger threads machined in the malleable steel lubricator body, for longer life of the cast steel body.
redcircle3.gif (824 bytes) One piece rugged malleable steel casting pressure tested to 1200 lbs./sq. inch in an independent lab.
Weighted sipper nozzle rotates around the bore pipe.  Nozzle intake is always at maximum depth to empty all of the contents of the lubricator reservoir.
Straight-through bore design allows for maximum air flow with minimum air line pressure drop. 
Unique rotating nozzle adjusts from a low flow rate, to a medium flow rate, to a high flow rate of lubricant with a simple twist of the nozzle.
redcircle7.gif (1287 bytes) A safety vent hole in the filler cap allows entrapped air to escape when removing the filler cap.  This ensures that the lubricator is never opened while the reservoir chamber of the lubricator is pressurized.
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 Part Number 5048912

Simplified design.     Easy repair.      Replacement parts available.



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