Gardner-Denver PR123    Independent Rotation Heavy Drifter  OBSOLETE DRILL - FEW PARTS AVAILABLE

Pr123.gif (17464 bytes) PR123 Drills can be mounted on light Screw Feed Aluminum Guide Shells for underground long-hole drilling, and have an open boss ring to accommodate the feed nut for the screw feed in the aluminum shell.

PR123J Drill cylinders include a solid boss suited to mounting the drills on bolt-down slab backs for use on steel channel Chain Feed Masts for air track drilling.
PR123 Drills feature independent percussion and rotating actions. Rotation is provided by a strong efficient, reversible gear motor in the back-end of the drill.  The rotation is transmitted to the geared chuck driver by means of a exterior drive shaft, which absorbs any rotational shock between the drill shank and the rotation motor.  The piston hammer of the PR123 Drills and the rotation motor are operated as independent units.  Optimum control of drilling can be provided by independently varying the air volume to the rotation and/or the percussion when drilling in extremely hard or soft rock

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