logo1.gif (4780 bytes)PHQ Burlington Rock Drill and Diamond Drill Repair and Reconditioning  

PHQ provides repair services for:

PHQ250  Secan S250  and Canun S260 Jackleg Drills, Stoper Drills, Sinker Drills, Quarry Drills  and Long Tom Drill Drills.

PHQ36IR and Secan S36IR Drifter Drills, MKV Feeds, Remote Control Valve Banks, and Centralizers.

JKS Winkie, Bazooka, VEG and VAG Diamond Drills.

JKS Bronco, Brahma and BBP25 Water Pressure Pumps.

Parts HeadQuarters Inc manufactures all the components for the drills listed above and stock over $2,500,000 value of parts

Our products are used in mines across Canada and around the world.  PHQ are dedicated to the supply of quality pneumatic drilling equipment for underground mines.  We focus on products to continuously improve the drills to increase production and maximize safety for the operators.
Anti-vibration jackleg handle

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