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PHQ36-IR  Bolt on End Cap 

Features of  PHQ Adapter Studs

Parts required to change assembly.

The existing long double threaded side rods with intermediate nuts used to hold the front end onto the front cylinder washer are awkward to  install and tighten.
The intermediate nuts are often left out of the assembly with disastrous results!
During operation the long side rods stretch from the force of pulling drill steel that is riding on the front end cap.
The drill assembly loosens and the powerful rotation motor turns in the assembly.
Misalignment of gears within the rotation housing causes breakage of teeth and constant movement of the housings causes premature wear to the mating faces between the cylinder and the rotation motor housing. 
PHQ shorter side rods with single threads end just outside  the front end housing.
Adapter studs thread onto the side rods and are torqued to specified force against the front cylinder washer to hold the main drill assembly tightly together.
The front cap slides over the adapter studs and is held in place by two side rod nuts. 
Adapter studs are the weakest link in the assembly and will fail before a side rod.
Side rods keep the whole assembly tight and prevent movement of components.
Front end cap easy to remove when changing a shank bar by removing the two side rod nuts and the main drill assembly is not disturbed.

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