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PHQ250 Drill Parts

Parts HeadQuarters Inc make and carry stocks of complete PHQ250 Jackleg, Stoper, LongTom, Quarry and Sinker drills backed up by a large inventory of wearing parts.  The parts for the PHQ250 drill are interchangeable in existing fleets of Secan S250 and Canun S260 drills

PHQ improved our PHQ250 drills introducing larger mating faces on the major components, backheads, cylinders and front ends for longer service life.  These same parts are designed to remain interchangeable with existing equipment. All major components are machined from high quality steel precision castings heat treated and ground.  All wearing parts are precision machined from high quality tool steel material.

PHQ explored every avenue in a major cost saving exercise and has successfully reduced our costs of producing rock drills and the component parts.  The savings we have gained are passed along to our customers in reduced pricing.  Check our parts prices against our competitors. 

PHQ is prepared to supply complete drill assemblies, components and wearing parts for 250 drills for major tunneling projects, mining companies and mining contractors.

All drills are thoroughly tested before leaving our shop.  Request a no obligation quotation from PHQ for the supply of your next drills and/or for your existing drill part requirements to service your fleet of drills.


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