JKS - Winkie Drill Drilling on Customer built Drill Rig    Video of Winkie in Operation

Photo Courtesy Aurora Geoscieces


This JKS Winkie with Five Foot  Feed Assembly was mounted on a customized platform rig built by our customer Aurora GeoSciences and pulled to a drill site in the bush.  The drill is easily moved, set up and operated by a driller and a helper.  Holes are drilled using light-weight aluminum drill rods. 

What footage can we expect to achieve with this drill

  Certified in The Russian Federatio

Winkie Diamond Drill Statistics:
Core Barrel  E-core Thin kerf IEWS
Core Diameter 0.995" (25.2 mm)
Hole Diameter 1 1/2" (38mm)
Depth: 425 to 475 ft (130 to 145 m)
Core Barrel: A-core Thin kerf IAWS
Core Diameter 1.385" (35.1 mm)
Hole Diameter 1.89" (48mm)
Depth: 350 to 400 ft (105 to 120 m)
Drilling capacities shown using aluminum drill rods.

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