JKS - BBU-2 Reconditioned Diamond Drill  (new drills no longer available)

A heavy-duty, twin cylinder "Vee" type air motor provides ample power for large-diameter holes.  Ideal for drainage holes, backfill holes, ventilation holes.  Readily dismantled into motor, swivel-head and rod puller components for easy underground relocation.

  • Capacity w/AW rods 1800 ft (550 m) 1.385 Inch (35.1 mm) core size
  • Weight 660 lbs to 1030 lbs (299 kg to 467 kg) (with options)
  • Heavy-duty twin-cylinder air motor
  • Develops 20 hp (15 kw) @ 1,000 rpm
  • Operates on high or low air pressure
  • Optional two-speed hoist or single or dual rod pullers
  • Gear feed or hydraulic feed swivel-head.
  • PHQ will continue to supply wearing parts for the BBU2 drills

Detailed Photos

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