JKS - BAZOOKA Diamond Drill - Bipod Mount - Column Mount


Drill Manual 32 Pages

Drilling from Bi-Pod

Drilling From Column Bar

The Bi-Pod is a one-man blast hole or core drill best used for short exploration holes in underground mines.  Easily moved, into narrow underground workings, set up and operated by one man.

  • Capacity using EW steel rods 30 ft (10M)  Core Size 0.995 Inch 25.2 mm
  • Capacity using  EW aluminum rods 100 ft (30M)  Core Size 0.995 Inch 25.2 mm
  • Capacity using AW steel rods 25 ft (8M)  Core Size 1.385 Inch 35.1 mm
  • Capacity using AW aluminum rods 50 ft (15M)  Core Size 1.385 Inch 35.1 mm
  • Capacity show is for horizontal holes.  The capacity is shortened as much as 50% as the angle of the hole increases to the vertical plane.  For deeper holes see Column Mount
  • Normal operating air pressure 100 psi - optimum 110 psi
  • Volume air required 200 to 300 cfm
  • Capacity increases with higher air pressure and volume.
  • 16 hp (12 kw) @ 3000 rpm. 
  • Available with four types of mountings
  • Weight 111 to 170 lbs (50 to 77 kg) depending on mounting.

Bazooka Assembly Video

    Certified in The Russian Federation

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