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Bolts Types
Friction Type Rock Bolts
(Split SetTM) Bolts

Roll formed steel tubing with a welded ring at the driving end.  Installed in pre-drilled holes with the same rock drill.  Ease of installation and low cost makes this a popular rock bolt. 

UniBar Bolt
A fully threaded bar with superior tensile strength.  Installed with either cement or polyester resin. Used for permanent installations.  Cost of grout makes this bolt more expensive.
                        NOT AVAILABLE FROM PHQ
Deformed Grouted Bar Bolts
Installed with either cement or polyester resin.  Ease of installation makes this a popular rock bolt. Cost of bolts and resins make these bolts more expensive than most.
                       NOT AVAILABLE FROM PHQ
Sling Type Eyebolt
Bolt installed in a pre-drilled hole using a wedge (not shown) Used for the suspension of air and water columns, ventilation columns, electrical cables.
                        NOT AVAILABLE FROM PHQ
Shepherds Crook Bolt
Installed in pre-drilled hole.  This bolt provides effective support in areas prone to seismic events or high stress changes.  Often used to hang pipe or cables.
                       NOT AVAILABLE FROM PHQ
Threaded Rock Studs
Installed with either cement or resin in pre-drilled holes  This type of support is recommended for the short to medium term where long term stabilization is not planned. 
                       NOT AVAILABLE FROM PHQ
Exandable (SwellexTM) Bolts
Installed in pre-drilled holes.  Pushed into hole and inflated with high pressure fluid. Popular bolt due to ease of installation but more expensive than Friction Type Bolts.
                       NOT AVAILABLE FROM PHQ
Mechanical Anchor Bolts
Expansion Shell Bolts

Used in most Canadian mines.  Installed in a pre-drilled hole using the same rock drill to torque up the nut on the bolt to proper tension.  Low cost makes this a popular bolt.
                       NOT AVAILABLE FROM PHQ

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