PHQBMS - Under-Slung Feed Assembly for BBC100 and BBC120 Drill

Feed Type Rockdrill Feed Force Feed Weight Steel Change Feeding Length Feed Beam Length Total Length Centralizer
PHQBMS46 BBC100 BBC120 7 kN 212 lb* 96kg* 4 feet 1220mm 60 in 1525mm 78.7 in 2000mm 92 in 2330mm PHQ10AC BSP10
PHQBMS66 BBC100 BBC120 7 kN 247 lb*
6 feet 1830mm 83 in 2110mm 101.5 in 2582mm 116 in 2940mm PHQ10AC BSP10

* PHQ10AC Centralizer adds 125 lb (57kg) to overall weight.          Centralizer   Drill Feed Centralizer

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