PHQ-BMS - 4 Cylinder Boxer Type Under-slung Pneumatic Feed Motor

acboxer.gif (55767 bytes) The BMS Boxer Type underslung feed motor, a four piston motor that drives a feed screw through a gear transmission.
The motor mounts on a light aluminum guide shell.  Hardened steel ways bolted to the aluminum shell yield long life, while the aluminum shell constrains the weight of the feed assembly.
BMSe feeds are used to mount 
BBC120 and BBC100 rifle bar rotation drills for long-hole drilling.

acboxertech.gif (29798 bytes)

Technical Description

Motor for three, four and six foot feeds.  the pistons work directly on barrel-rings journalized on needle bearing on the crankshaft.  One piston is always on the power stroke while the motor is in operation.

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