PHQBBC120 Drifter Rockdrill  - New Drills in stock

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Long-Hole Set-up

The PHQBBC120F drill is a heavy rock drill for both drifting and tunneling, and for benching and production drilling. 

The drill is commonly used with 32mm (1 1/4") and 38mm (1 1/2") extension drills steel equipment and is suitable for both underground and surface work.

The PHQBBC120F drill has reversible rotation, which can also be disengaged so that only the impact mechanism works.

Air or water flushing of drill cuttings is possible, and all drill functions are operated from a remote control unit.

The drill is usually mounted on a
BMS Feed Assembly and used on a Copco Drill Wagon

 Drill Specifications         Certified in The Russian FederatioN

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